Ecolego is a powerful and flexible software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Ecolego can be used for conducting risk assessments of complex dynamic systems evolving over time with any number of species. Ecolego has specialised databases and other add-ons designed for the field of radiological risk assessment.

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What is new in Ecolego

Ecolego will soon write your reports for you

Ecolego Reports

Well, not really, but we are working on a new feature to generate Microsoft Word equations from your model. To test it out:

  1. Right-click a block anywhere
  2. Choose Export > Lite report

Ecolego 6.5 is out!

This release focuses on tasks related to time and dates:

  • Run simulations between specific dates.
  • Create plots and tables with dates.
  • Use the new Time series block to introduce date dependent input data in your model.
  • Use the new Time point block for a user-friendly way to select important time points for the simulation.

This release also includes the Relationship window which shows you how a block is used/uses other blocks in the model. This window allows you to navigate either forward or backward to see, for instance, which blocks might be responsible for a wierd looking result.


MERLIN-Expo Logo

Merlin-EXPO is a free tool for simulating the fate of chemicals in the main environmental systems and in the human body, funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme. It is based on Ecolego Player and features a library of models for both metals and organic compounds. MERLIN-Expo is unique in that it allows tracing a contaminant from a release point via all exposure pathways to an organ in the human body. By basing the software on Ecolego, the tool supports both uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. MERLIN-Expo is of special interest to those needs a deeper understanding of a specific scenario than offered by EUSES.

For more downloads, tutorials and wikis, please visit https://merlin-expo.eu.