This page describes the different license models available for Ecolego. The license determines the price and the terms of use.

Subscription vs. Perpetual licenses


A subscription license entitles the customer to use Ecolego during the subscription period designated on the order. Customers choosing subscription licenses receive the current version of Ecolego as well as upgrades and support during the subscription period.


A perpetual license entitles the customer to use Ecolego indefinitely, plus receive upgrades and support during one year. Upgrades and support must be renewed annually.

Upgrades and support

A support license entitles a customer to receive software upgrades and software updates during the term of the support, typically one year.

The license also entitles the customer to help with questions:

  • Installation and registration questions
  • Questions about Ecolego functionality
  • Basic modelling questions

We would like to encourage people to post questions in the Ecolego Forum, but we also accept questions via email ecolego@afconsult.com.

Institutional vs. individual license


The software may be installed on one computer per purchased license and can be used of any number of people, as long as the number of people do not exceed the number of purchased licenses.


An institutional license allows up to 20 installations of Ecolego on the condition that all users are employees of the same company.

An institutional license cannot be obtained on-line. For more information or to purchase an institutional license, please Contact us

Commercial vs. academic license


Commercial Licenses are available to legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), requiring the software for general commercial use.


An academic license is intended to be used for teaching and research at non-profit academic institutions and cannot be used for consulting or other commercial purposes.

An academic license has no limitations in functionality or support but is offered with a 75% discount.

The academic institutions interested in using the tool for education should contact us by e-mail.


Ecolego, upgrades and documentation are distributed electronically. To purchase Ecolego, a user must first register an account at the Ecolego home page. When the purchase has completed, the user will be given access to the Ecolego section on the downloads page, from where installation packages can be downloaded.


Ecolego can be installed for a one-month free evaluation period, with all toolboxes and functionality activated. In order to get access to the installation package, please register an account and then contact us.

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