Ecolego is a powerful and flexible software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Ecolego can be used for conducting risk assessments of complex dynamic systems evolving over time with any number of species. Ecolego has specialised databases and other add-ons designed for the field of radiological risk assessment.

Ecolego Commercial/Academic licenses include the ODE toolbox.


ODE toolbox

The ODE toolbox allows you to create and simulate compartment models in Ecolego. Both linear and non-linear systems of ordinary differential equations are supported.

Ecolego Commercial/Academic licenses include the ODE toolbox.


Sensitivity analysis toolbox

The Eikos Sensitivity analysis toolbox supports “state of the art” sensitivity analysis methods (local as well as global). Sensitivity analysis (SA) is used to assess the influence of model parameters on model predictions.

The Sensitivity analysis toolbox is an optional fully integrated module for Ecolego and is thus most suitable for using with Ecolego models, although external models are also supported by exporting/importing samples of model inputs and/or model predictions.


Radionuclide toolbox

The radionuclide toolbox is a plug-in for Ecolego for modelling of radionuclides.

The radionuclide toolbox features a database containing all nuclide isotopes and their decay constants and decay energies. It also contains the parent-daughter relationships between a radionuclide and its decay products.


Parameter database toolbox

The parameter database toolbox provides a connection between Ecolego and a parameter database.


Ecolego player

Ecolego Player is a free software for distributing Ecolego models. Ecolego Player features the same functionality as Ecolego, with the exception that the model structure can not be changed.


Parameter database

The parameter database is a software which can be set up to centralize and quality assure parameter data. Storing parameters in the parameter database assures that data is traceable and transparent.


Ecolego and its sub-products are platform independent and run on 32/64 bit Win2000/XP/Vista/7, MacOSX, Linux and Unix.


Read more about the different licenses here.


Ecolego has been sponsored by SSM, Sweden www.ssm.se and NRPA, Norway www.nrpa.no.

Eikos has been sponsored by Posiva OY http://www.posiva.fi/ and NRPA www.nrpa.no.


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